Tuesday, February 24, 2009

temple fun

Last friday, my beautiful bride and I went to the draper temple open house with friends of mine from work, Nick and Danny. It was really fun, but crowded. Just a constant procession through it, no tour guide. They asked people to whisper to maintain a reverent atmosphere. As we went through, I explained different things to my friends to help maximize their experience. it was really fun. Kristen, despite losing her voice, talked to them about their religious backgrounds and the meaning of life and I was proud of her for sparking such a religiously focused conversation. She sometimes feels left out that she didn't go on a mission, but what she was doing was what missionaries do, and she is good at it. Nick liked the temple, but wasn't super impressed. He was looking for symbols and I realized that most of the symbology in a temple comes from the endowment and other ordinances, and not from the building itself. Danny, who had been raised in the church, was really impressed, especially the celestial room. When we got there, he said "I could stay here all day" Missionary work is fun and easy when you have a temple open house. If you miss the draper temple, then the daybreak temple will be open pretty soon.