Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Crusader Weaponry video.

This is from the most recent rifle class. The next class coming up is a shotgun course on July 10th. $200, contact George Hill through

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lots of moss and a Wedding

My cousin Neal got married recently, and the Lovely Wife and I were invited. Oregon is one of our favorite places. It's so pretty, green, and (when you get out of the city) wild. However, Oregon's Attorney General doesn't think that Utah's Concealed Carry Permit is up to par, so I decided to open carry the whole time. I did some research, and there are a few cities in Oregon that do not allow open carry, so I mostly avoided those cities.

First we stayed with some relatives in Hermiston, Oregon. They are cousins of my father-in-law, and very nice people. In the past, when my family would travel to Springfield, we would just push through, and it was pretty grueling. It was like a fourteen hour drive, and we usually didn't get onto the road until mid morning, like 11 a.m. So we would usually arrive in Springfield around midnight or later. We would also eat at fast food places along the way, so we would all arrive feeling pretty crappy.

After a refreshing night's sleep in a bed, and a delicious breakfast of real food from a grocery store, we took a leisurely drive along the Columbia River Gorge. We discovered that some really smart person built a whole legion of electricity generating windmills along the gorge. We got out of the car a few times and learned that the Gorge is a super-windy place.

They could power probably half of Oregon with all those windmills, the wind farm probably goes on for forty miles.

Next stop was at some waterfalls.

Horsetail is cool, you can walk right down to the pond that the water falls into, its cold, but that can be refreshing if you've been sitting in a car seat all day.

Have you ever been on a trip, and wished you could go to the gym? Well if you go to Multnomah Falls, then you can do just that. It has a trail where you walk up to the top of the falls, it's a mile long hike, and really good for your legs and butt.

Along the way, the Little guy learned the word for moss, and then discovered that moss is EVERYWHERE in Oregon.

We continued on up the trail, took a few more pictures, then arrived at the river that fed the waterfall.

Once you get to the top you walk down some stairs and onto a platform, where you can overlook the edge of the falls.

It is a long way down to the lodge and visitor center at the bottom of the falls.