Wednesday, August 27, 2008

biking is hard

my legs have been so dead this week, because they had a break from bicycling for the summer. Hills that i'm accustomed to riding up all the way cause me to have to get off and walk. ideally muscles should have 2 days to relax and rebuild, but i guess my two days will have to be this weekend. maybe i will get into shape though. Although i think when i got into shape before, i was biking at work, doing marching band, and running with kristen. after this week i'll see how my legs are doing and maybe consider going on some runs to get my heart going.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

first day at church

today kc went to church for the first time and already he's developing some bad habits. He slept all the way through sacrament, and then he bailed out of sunday school and went home for lunch. I just hope he develops more stamina before he's a teenager and the temptation to leave is even greater.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

band camp slogs on

Band camp is so tiring. i would have run last night but i was so dang tired, but if i'm so tired at the end of the day, then it means i'm burning calories right? little kc is having a harder time getting to sleep lately, i think his little infant brain is recovering from the birth and now he more alert. We just have to adjust our strategy a little bit. we'll figure it out as we get good advice.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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mmm... salad

you'll all be very proud of me, i went for a jog last night and after a full morning of drumming in the heat, i just went for a salad, not a cheezburger. The salad was mucho pricey though, but it was good. it had tomatoes and cucumbers and cheese. mmm.

K.C. (Kay Calvin) Sohm

our son was born on August 14 at 1241 AM. he weighed 9 pounds and was about 22 inches long here are pictures.
right now i'm at band camp and so i will not be able to write much, but maybe i'll get the internet working at my house soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my current appearance

here is a picture i took on sunday to illustrate how much weight i gained. and another picture to compare with from when dane entered the mtc

drum camp

its drumcamp time again. thats not me its a kid at university of washington. but we've been drumming it up out in this mild weather. I feel good about this year, and my hand doesn't hurt so much today as it did yeasterday. today's weight was 309.5 but i know what i did yesterday. we went to a pool party and i was hungry so i had too much little caesar's pizza. that won't be happening every night so i should be in good shape. i plan on running tonight also, so that will be fun. I need to make notes of deep thoughts when i have them so these blog posting can be improved. Maybe i'll get some drumline pictures and post them.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


on the imminent baby post i said that it relieves kristen's stress to be able to go buy things. In reality it relieves stress for both of us equally. Sorry babes.

olympics begin

i'm sure that one day i will stop writing everyday, but it hasn't arrived yet. Its hard to avoid eating out when it relieves stress for your spouse to go do it. last night we had takeout la frontera mexican food. (Very good food, by the way) I picked fajitas, which were probably low on the fat scale for that restaurant, but i promised kris that i would share with her. Then i forgot when we got home. oops. todays weight was about 307. i did get to run earlier today but i chose a poor time, about 230 pm. And it was before the clouds blew in, so it was hot, humid and sunny and i had just eaten a bunch of canteloupe so i was full of melon. So it wasn't a success as far as endurance goes, but at least i did it. I think once band starts and i run around with a set of tenors everyday then maybe i'll start to shift into skinny mode. I was looking at Matt's online picture album ( and i noticed a picture of me at Dane's send off at the MTC, and i said to kristen "I miss being skinny." to which she said "So do I"

Friday, August 8, 2008

imminent baby

today's weight was 305.5, and kristen is still feeling gradually increased tightening and cramping. So one of these days we will be welcoming a new member of team Sohm. I saw batman again yesterday. it was great. Kristen didn't want to see it, so she exchanged a baby swing at walmart and read out of a baby book until i was done. Then we went to the south towne mall and found a really good deal on a new shirt and purple tie for me at mervyn's. Being able to go shop for stuff however small is very relaxing and liberating for kristen and all that walking is good for helping labor progress. She really gets stressed if she feels restricted about whatever she wants to do and so the money we have from grandma really allows us to do things to ease kristen's mind. I also did a blood pressure test at Dan's and it was a little high so no more eating out for a while. i think my drumline menu will be a couple of pbj sammiches and a mango everyday. We'll se how long that works for.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

lawn fermata

This is a fermata created by clogged sprinkler heads by my home. Funny that its by a stop sign. today's weight was 306. I think that it does help me remember to go exercise everyday, when it becomes discouraging, then maybe i'll not worry too much about it. i have a dilemma. I really want to see batman in IMAX again, but kristen doesn't. Plus she could go into labor any time. I really want to see it again in IMAX and who knows how long it will be out. i have a gift card for miller's theater, so it wouldn't cost anything. maybe i'll go tomorrow. She can't understand why iwant to see it again, because we have already seen it. I don't want to hurt her feelings but i really do want to see it again. maybe she could see sisterhood of pants while i'm at batman.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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today's weight at 530 am was 308. and i did get to run last night. thats too (2) nights in a row. kristen has been having warmup contractions, and was excited to maybe have the baby, but then read that these may last for days. Plus she couldn't sleep last night. so she was grumpy this morning at breakfast, and i didn't say much, because when she's grumpy it seems that whatever i say just stokes the flames of her rage.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


more cat pictures


today's weight was 305.5, but i did get to run last night, even though american gladiators was on. that show is pretty fun if you can get past the goofy macho roaring that the male gladiators do when the ref asks if they're ready. "Gladiator are you ready?" "Waaaaaoooooaaaaawwwhh!" The best is when you contrast the ladies response. "Gladiator, are you ready?" "Yup"

Anyway the picture is of the fountain behind the Marriott Library, I guess some deconstruction is imminent because they stuck a tube in the side and drained all the water. It was a weird sight so i took a picture.

Monday, August 4, 2008

i'm bad at the internet

ok so i don't know how to make a link, so cut and paste this address into your thing and hit go.

Pink gun for charity

Larry Correia has a raffle to save breasts across america go here( )for details. check back on his site for more details.

-no title-

this morning's weight was 305. So tonight i will run, i may even run in the afternoon before Kris gets home, but we will have to see how hot it is. i mean I'll see how hot it is. kristen will be at work, i think. In other news, a guy in canada stabbed and decapitated a fellow passenger on the greyhound bus they were riding on. The other passengers ran away while this poor kid (late teens) was hacked to death. of course, on a bus there is not a lot of room to move so maybe they couldn't have all jumped on him at once. and i wasn't there, either so i can't make a reasoned judgement. If i was there i like to think that i would have put a stop to it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


today is sunday, i haven't weighed myself all this weekend but i imagine that its around 302 - 305. I don't imagine that it suddenly dropped 50 pounds, if it did then i'd have to check to make sure my legs were both there. And they still are. Kristen's belly seems to constantly itch these days. I had never heard about that symptom of pregnancy before. the midwives said that if it itches, you shouldn't scratch it, because it will only make the stretch marks worse. But it thats like telling a kid with chicken pox not to scratch, says kristen. We got the crib up the other day, and we spent all saturday trying to catch up on all the laundry. We've been able to do a lot of stuff, as far as getting ready for the baby, thanks to grandma's generous donation to the cause. Up to this point, we had a lot of breakdowns and worry and anger and so forth. These last month and a half or so kristen hasn't been able to speak through the night, so she hasn't had enough sleep. But the money has helped a lot because we paid off the credit cards and are still able to get some final supplies.

Friday, August 1, 2008

more funny

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sorry if it posts two but its funny
this morning the scale indicated 301 pounds, yesterday it was 302.5. Last night i went swimming with my lovely bride to fight the power of pregnant+summertime swelling. I think it helped her feet a little. Ryan set the spots for the drumline last night also, I'll be on tenors, and so will a kid who played tenors at bingham, as well as wachira and some kid who's currently on tour with a drum corps. there was another kid who was trying out for tenors and had been taking lessons with ryan, but he was not quite up to par so ryan will have him play bass drum. I think he's a little upset about that, because he said he wanted to talk with ryan about it. I told him that bass drums are really fun but i don't think he agrees. Last year this same guy came and tried out for tenors and ended up on bass drum. Then he bailed on the next rehearsal and missed out on a whole season of marching band. If he does the same thing now, he will have to wait a whole year to try again. That to me seems like a waste. i hope he sticks around to play bass, and i think he find that its more challenging (and rewarding) than he might have realized. He will still get to march in all the shows, be in the band, travel to away games, etc. . . It would be a good experience.