Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Corporate Games

OC Tanner competed in rifle and pistol shooting events over the weekend.

On Thursday was the rifle shooting competition. Robert Dunn, Mike Atwood and David Sohm comprised the rifle team. The targets were 50 feet away, and there were rounds of fire. Ten shots from the prone position, (laying flat on your stomach) ten shots from the kneeling or sitting position, and then ten shots from the standing position.

OC Tanner scored 475 in the rifle event, which placed us in 7th out of 13 teams in our division.

We did much better in the pistol competition. Robert Dunn and Dave Sohm comprised the pistol team, and we both shot Robert’s Browning Buckmark.

There were three rounds of shooting with the pistol, 2 rounds of ten shots at 15 yards, and then 10 shots at a 25 yard target. Robert and I both took photos of our targets, since the scoring staff keeps them after the competition. At first glance of the photos, we felt we had given a respectable performance.

Imagine our surprise when, during the medals ceremony, OC Tanner was named as the second place winner in our division. We scored better than one of the ATK Teams, who have been a dominating force in the past.

Personally, I felt very gratified to have won the silver medal, and look forward to more competitions in the future.