Sunday, November 30, 2008

what a great gift idea for all your Friends!

Check out larry's book. Its really a fun read if you're into sci fi and fantasy books, or even if you are not. Larry loves monster movies, and it shows in the way he has fun in this book. And the best part is, the more copies he sells, the more likely it is that The publisher will run his next installment. so please check it out, $7.99 is a great price for a book check out this website.

Or read a sample chapter at Larry's blog:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Utah wins by actually playing!

So we won the game, 48-24, thats right, double byu's score. It was great to see our team when they actually play. They're pretty good when they decide to try. Maybe Ludwig was convinced to actually be smart, or maybe whittingham over-rided him a lot. Whatever they did worked.
Today's trip to the plasma place still took like two hours, but there were a lot of people in the waiting room. It stung a little but i think some iodine got scooped in with the needle. They asked me if i wanted to have the pump set at a faster pace, and I said no thanks, but I should have agreed. Oh well.
At the Byu game, a guy was trying to climb over a five foot tall metal fence to get on the field, but ended up doing a face plant. The bump on his head was the size of a softball, and I'm not kidding. It looked big and I was even looking over a ledge, 60 feet or so above the guy.
Here is a helpful tip. Don't watch the movie 2001 with your spouse when neither of you has had a lot of sleep, and the baby hasn't burped, and therefore wakes up every 22 minutes, taking an hour to go to sleep. It took us 3 hours to get through the first hour and a half of the movie. Plus there is a lot of weird music and sound effects that are just obnoxious if you haven't slept much and aren't really paying attention that closely. I understand that Kubrick was just trying to add a sense of otherworldly spookiness to it, but it was making Kristen vengeful, so I volunteered to go get Kung Fu Panda, which was much more entertaining. While at the video store, I used my concealed carry permit to verify my name, and one of the girls behind the counter asked what kind of id it was. It led to a conversation about why someone would carry a gun, they both seemed a little surprised at the idea of a regular joe with a gun. I kind of stumbled around my words a little bit, but i did get one good point across. They both said that they had MACE, and I agreed that MACE is good, but with a gun, you don't have to let the bad guy get close enough for MACE range. They both agreed that was one good thing about a gun. Gotta go get angry at a bike now, bye.

Friday, November 21, 2008

holy broken water main, batman!

Some large pipe blew out by the social work building today, and I thought it was funny that plant operations people were standing around going, Dang! and taking videos on their cell phone, like i was doing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blood Money

Lately I've started going to sell blood plasma again. Its really easy. You just drink water and go let them stick a needle in your arm. I get 40 bucks each for the first two times and then you can get 65 bucks a week after that. Its easy to get lots of reading done too.
In other thoughts, I never realized how emotional aerobics classes can be. last time we went cycling, i remember a huge amount of rage building up when the instructor told us to stand up while pedaling. I usually can't stay up for the whole time that she tells us to. I also got really mad when we did wall squats. I did them though. Well, actually I did one and a half of the three reps of wall squats.
BYU game is this week, it will be something. Go find it on cable or satellite or a sports bar, or the behavioral science building with a radio and binoculars, but see this game. It will be great. I will shave my mustache so i have a true brigham beard.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

getting ready for byu

we will playing a really great arrangement of America the Beautiful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

woot again

for more information about woot, go to

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I just weighed myself- 297.5! yay

here is a picture

this was taken by the chrony on wednesday. I'm the tenor player closest to the snares.

blackout vs tcu

Holy cow, what a nail biter. After the end of the game, it reminded me of the byu game in 2004 when we went to the fiesta bowl. the fans just poured onto the field. As soon as the time ran out, we (the band) all just ran out onto the field away from the wall by the student section. no one that i knew of got jumped on.
My mom has a theory about the game and why it was so poorly played. It goes like this: Ludwig is a fool who doesn't know how to react to other teams, so he calls the same plays over and over again. (40 yard pass-incomplete, 40 yard pass-incomplete, 40 yard pass-incomplete, punt) my favorite is run it up the middle, watch the ball carrier bounce off the other team, hmm they'd never expect us to do that again, bounce, really, he didn't make it through? THIS TIME it will work. Bounce. ok, punt.
So my mom's theory is that after a whole game of that, Brian Johnson decided to ignore coach ludwig and move the ball up the field, and voila, touchdown in the last minute. That seems to make sense with the way the last few games have turned out. Of course TCU was doing a better job at covering their guy the whole game. And Johnson threw his share of bad passes. However the MUSS did force over 6 false starts out of TCU.
The refs made a lot of non-calls this game. Their were at least 3 really obvious pass interference calls, including where a guy pushed Brent Casteel down and then tripped over him. They were both on the ground and the ref just gave it a pass incomplete. Another time the TCU defender stayed right behind the reciever and held his arms down, and the ball bounced off his face mask. The crowd protested one interference so loudly, that the ref finally called it. What a game. I'll puit up pictures when I find some.


So we had this election a couple of night ago. All day on Tuesday it rained. Rain is only ok if its like 85 degrees when it rains, otherwise it just is miserable. Every time is does rain, I am reminded of the fact that nothing is 100% water proof. Especially the gloves they provide for us. My hands were getting cold so I pulled out some hand warmers and stuck them in my gloves. After about 30 minutes, my gloves were so wet that the warmers quit working. Wednesday it snowed. Snow is better. My gloves were only slightly damp.