Monday, January 11, 2010

School Begins

First of all those are a gaggle of deer that occasionally wander through our living area.
It's interesting to see and it's fun to show them to the little Guy.


The final semester is upon me. I have some good classes, today I had a web design, TV Journalism and Writing for Strategic Communication. That last class will be pretty good I think, it's been a while since I took the Writing for News class. It will be like an aerobics class for writing skills. I imagine that I may grouse a little at being forced to write and do it write, but it will be good for me.

My schedule will be pretty full, but I will continue to experiment with blogging, facebook, and stuff like that.

On the preparedness front, I discovered an alternate escape route in the LNCO building, it doesn't go through the main lobby and two of my classes are in a position to use the alternate exit. I figure someone would go through the main lobby in the LNCO building, because its a more central location, there are a couple of big lecture halls there. It's something I do at the start of the semester, find an escape route. For example, in the Marriott Library computer lab, there are columns that are made out of solid concrete that would be pretty good cover, I also found where the emergency exit is. (Go to the ARC and turn left.)

Speaking of defense, I'm going to try to post a video from facebook of me defending against a rabid pumpkin. Good old Remington, nothing kills a pumpkin like an 870.