Wednesday, August 27, 2008

biking is hard

my legs have been so dead this week, because they had a break from bicycling for the summer. Hills that i'm accustomed to riding up all the way cause me to have to get off and walk. ideally muscles should have 2 days to relax and rebuild, but i guess my two days will have to be this weekend. maybe i will get into shape though. Although i think when i got into shape before, i was biking at work, doing marching band, and running with kristen. after this week i'll see how my legs are doing and maybe consider going on some runs to get my heart going.

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Sue said...

It's so hard to get back into shape, but it is so easy to get out of shape. Why is that? God should have made it the other way around and then more of us would be in shape more of the time. I need to jump on your band wagon and it inspires me when you post about your struggles. Keep going!