Tuesday, August 19, 2008

K.C. (Kay Calvin) Sohm

our son was born on August 14 at 1241 AM. he weighed 9 pounds and was about 22 inches long here are pictures.
right now i'm at band camp and so i will not be able to write much, but maybe i'll get the internet working at my house soon.


Matt said...

Congratulations you guys! He is cute.

The Frary's said...

Hey, sorry we lost touch, but congrats on the baby!

Shon and Cristina Frary

Sue said...

I love the way Dad and son are in the same position. And wearing their Ute red!

Anonymous said...

We loved getting to see KC in person when we were there. He's so cute! Good work you two!
Aunt Shelley

Tytanious said...

Is that a CPAP hanging on the headboard?