Friday, August 1, 2008

this morning the scale indicated 301 pounds, yesterday it was 302.5. Last night i went swimming with my lovely bride to fight the power of pregnant+summertime swelling. I think it helped her feet a little. Ryan set the spots for the drumline last night also, I'll be on tenors, and so will a kid who played tenors at bingham, as well as wachira and some kid who's currently on tour with a drum corps. there was another kid who was trying out for tenors and had been taking lessons with ryan, but he was not quite up to par so ryan will have him play bass drum. I think he's a little upset about that, because he said he wanted to talk with ryan about it. I told him that bass drums are really fun but i don't think he agrees. Last year this same guy came and tried out for tenors and ended up on bass drum. Then he bailed on the next rehearsal and missed out on a whole season of marching band. If he does the same thing now, he will have to wait a whole year to try again. That to me seems like a waste. i hope he sticks around to play bass, and i think he find that its more challenging (and rewarding) than he might have realized. He will still get to march in all the shows, be in the band, travel to away games, etc. . . It would be a good experience.

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Sue said...

I am glad you got tenors. I think the bass drums are fun, but not as flashy as the tenors. I remember a time when you seemed bored with the bass drum, but you stuck with it. I am sure the water feels good for K's swollen feet. Plus, swimming is easy exercise when you are pregnant. Do you guys have a bathtub for the baby? Talk to you later. Mom