Wednesday, September 17, 2008

woo hoo

today the scale said 301! yay! i'm that much closer to my goal of a revolver that fits in my pocket. Gotta go!


Sue said...

I don't understand the posting about reading the Book of Mormon. Is it your goal to finish it by Dec 31st or Mark whatever his name is? Last January I bought a scripture marking/study guide for the B of M. I mark the scriptures during Sac. meeting and during Sunday School. I can usually listen and mark at the same time. I am not even half way through. My plan is to get them marked and then go back and read by topic what I have marked. Way to go about your weight. I just wish you had a different reward for the weight loss. I still fail to see why you need guns in the first place and why you need more guns. Love, Mom

Sue said...

Hey, Dave, check out Matt's blog. His picture of his first day at school is sort of funny, but it is the style. He reminds me so much of my dad. Their apt. looks cute.

Tytanious said...

I definitely think you need to carry a revolver around. I carry a gun to school every day. And I have it especially handy on test days.