Thursday, November 6, 2008

blackout vs tcu

Holy cow, what a nail biter. After the end of the game, it reminded me of the byu game in 2004 when we went to the fiesta bowl. the fans just poured onto the field. As soon as the time ran out, we (the band) all just ran out onto the field away from the wall by the student section. no one that i knew of got jumped on.
My mom has a theory about the game and why it was so poorly played. It goes like this: Ludwig is a fool who doesn't know how to react to other teams, so he calls the same plays over and over again. (40 yard pass-incomplete, 40 yard pass-incomplete, 40 yard pass-incomplete, punt) my favorite is run it up the middle, watch the ball carrier bounce off the other team, hmm they'd never expect us to do that again, bounce, really, he didn't make it through? THIS TIME it will work. Bounce. ok, punt.
So my mom's theory is that after a whole game of that, Brian Johnson decided to ignore coach ludwig and move the ball up the field, and voila, touchdown in the last minute. That seems to make sense with the way the last few games have turned out. Of course TCU was doing a better job at covering their guy the whole game. And Johnson threw his share of bad passes. However the MUSS did force over 6 false starts out of TCU.
The refs made a lot of non-calls this game. Their were at least 3 really obvious pass interference calls, including where a guy pushed Brent Casteel down and then tripped over him. They were both on the ground and the ref just gave it a pass incomplete. Another time the TCU defender stayed right behind the reciever and held his arms down, and the ball bounced off his face mask. The crowd protested one interference so loudly, that the ref finally called it. What a game. I'll puit up pictures when I find some.


Matt and Ashley said...

Hey Dave. I bet that would have been a great game to be at. I got to see it on TV on CSTV here in Philly so that was fun too. I would have to agree with your mom's theory on the offensive coach. The last drive was put together with 5-7 yard passes over the secondary. I saw several of those same passes during the game, but rather than keep doing that they would try to throw in those fancy plays. I think once Brian went to the basics during the last drive is when the Utes really were able to finally break out. Also, can I just say I nominate the TCU kicker for our MVP!! We at least need to send him a big thank you card for tanking those 2 field goals.

Sue said...

I have heard rumors that Y fans think we didn't deserve the win. They say we lucked out with the 2 punts by TCU which helped save our heinies. But I didn't see any Y fans offering to give back their win over the Huskies earlier in the season when the refs gave them that game. I think they are just shaking in their shoes when they see what Brian Johnson can do when he ignores Ludwig. Can we find out where Coach Ludwig lives and tape his house shut with duct tape for the next game? With him in it?