Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blood Money

Lately I've started going to sell blood plasma again. Its really easy. You just drink water and go let them stick a needle in your arm. I get 40 bucks each for the first two times and then you can get 65 bucks a week after that. Its easy to get lots of reading done too.
In other thoughts, I never realized how emotional aerobics classes can be. last time we went cycling, i remember a huge amount of rage building up when the instructor told us to stand up while pedaling. I usually can't stay up for the whole time that she tells us to. I also got really mad when we did wall squats. I did them though. Well, actually I did one and a half of the three reps of wall squats.
BYU game is this week, it will be something. Go find it on cable or satellite or a sports bar, or the behavioral science building with a radio and binoculars, but see this game. It will be great. I will shave my mustache so i have a true brigham beard.

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Sue said...

Dave, You crack me up!! I am so glad that isn't a picture of you. Mom