Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yay for christmas! I must say that it has been a pretty relaxing vacation. We opened some presents at my parents christmas eve, then we narrowly escaped a blizzard on Christmas Morn by fleeing to Manti. We hit a couple of rough spots at point of the mountain, or more accurately, Wind Tunnel of the Mountain. But it wasn't as bad as the snow storm on the way to Oregon a few months ago. Once we got past Moroni, the roads actually dried up.
Today we went sledding at this famous hill in Manti. Other people were there and someone gave us a ride up to the top. Using our new, GIANT sled, Kristen and I rode down this hill that was probably almost a half mile long. We didn't have gloves, so I had to use my heals to steer and brake. Every time I would do that, snow would blow into Kristen's face, so when we hit the cattle guard at the bottom, her whole face was numb. Then, being the city boy I am, I slipped into the cattle guard, but didn't break my leg, thankfully. I did fall over, though.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't break your leg because you aren't a cow! It sounds like you guys are having fun. Love, Mom