Thursday, January 8, 2009


Right now, I'm watching the Florida/Oklahoma game. it looks pretty familiar. Urban Meyer has a pretty distinctively unstoppable offense. Florida faltered for the first few minutes of the game, but then they sacked OK's quarterback and now they are looking pretty good. Its how all the "tough" games looked in U of U's 2004 season. The question near the end of those games was always, do we go for 75 points or just settle for a 30 point lead?
So the Sugar Bowl was really fun. Except I had pus building in my tooth the whole time. Every time I would eat or drink something it would flare up, and that was with a steady stream of Ibuprofen. I had a hard time getting to sleep.

So hear are a lot of pictures from New Orleans. I'm pretty sure they won't all fit in one post so we'll split them up. the thumb pictures are of the blisters we got on our thumbs from 2 and a half hours of drumming, after not playing at all for a few weeks.


Matt and Ashley said...

Sorry to hear about the tooth. Did you have to get a root canal?

Matt and Ashley said...

Dave, As with any infection it can take some time for it to heal even with the antibiotic. Make sure to take the pills on time and to finish them all. The body can clear antibiotics pretty quickly, and you don't want any bacteria to become resistant because you didn't finish your set.

Also, the teeth are hard structures as you know, so it doesn't take much pressure from within to cause pain. If it gets really bad pain be sure to let the dentist know again ASAP so it doens't get way worse. Good luck.