Sunday, March 1, 2009


Are great! Our ward sponsored a shotgun shoot yesterday, and it was really fun. I discovered that the mini glock is a good fit for kristen's hand. One of the counselors in our bishopric has a glock 27, which is a .40 caliber. Those little glocks are the only ones that feel good in my hand, as well. I thought since it is a double stack magazine, that kris would be unable to reach the trigger, but she really liked the way it fit, and with the heavier .40 cal bullet she said it felt the same as my too-big-for kristen sig 9mm. We also shot our elder's quorum president's F2000, which looks like a squirt gun, this photo is of me commenting on how weird that gun was. If you needed a gun to be really small, then this would work just fine, plus it uses AR15 magazines, so its mags and bullets are compatible with other rifles and bullets that are common in america. Dan had an EOTac sight on it that was sighted in just perfectly. Still, a weird looking gun. Must be a pain to take apart. I keep saying that if i'm ever going to spend that much money on a fighting rifle, I'd like to go for the sig 556, but I'm not going to be making that much money for a while, so I really should not think about it too much until I'm in a position to do something about it. Maybe I should get a job at a PR firm like Dan so I can support my family and pay my debts first. I shot dan's new xcr, and it was pretty sweet, and its a salt lake company, robinson arms. The only guns in our future are ones that kristen will like to shoot, so we can go shooting together and both enjoy ourselves. Like a revolver and a shotgun. I also got to shoot an HK USP compact .40, i didn't like it. The glock was more comfortable, even though its tiny. The HK just wanted to fly back and hit me in the face. My sig was the most comfortable for me. (Duh, thats why I bought it) Shotguns are really versatile and fun, because you can do skeet shooting. The first one i shot was a really lightweight, expensive feeling beretta semi auto. It kicks, not the hardest, pretty kind of hard, it would take some getting used to. Then I shot an old Browning Over and Under that was purchased by the owner's granddad when he was a young go-getter. It was kept in really good shape. Alex calls it the "Peacemaker". It was a little heavier than the beretta, and was much more comfortable to shoot. Until I accidentally shot both barrels at the same time, that was a little bit of a surprise. Billy in the red sweatshirt is holding the peacemaker, and kristen is in the background trying to unjam the beretta.

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Sue said...

It looks like you guys had a fun time.