Monday, March 30, 2009

Spiritual Thought of The Day

So I've decided that, in anticipation of conference this weekend, that I would post uplifting, or at least gospel related topics on the blog. Maybe it will benefit readers, maybe its mostly for me, but here goes.

Last week my mom called me at work and asked me what I learned on my mission. I talked about dealing with disappointment or something, then the call ended. Afterward, I got thinking about what I learned. One thing I remember standing out to me was that the gift of the Holy Ghost (among other things) makes you much more aware of, well everything. Things like the trees growing, flowers, what people are thinking, which route to take to get to your destination, where you should go tracting.

There are lots of good reasons to use the gift of the Holy Ghost, and maybe I'm a little pragmatic, but you can use this gift for practical purposes as well as spiritual. Many times on my mission I would be riding my bike home at 9 pm and the thought would come that we should ride another way to get home. i think there were maybe two times when I didn't follow those thoughts. They both happened in Glendale, oddly enough. I won't tell the whole stories now, but I learned that the Spirit can keep from danger, and sometimes if you stumble across it, can give you directions on how to get out while you still have time to act.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting something other than gun stuff. I really enjoyed our conversation about what you learned on your mission. Thanks for the insights. Love, Mom