Saturday, July 25, 2009

Police Impostor?

This first photo was taken on my parent's street. It's the area on the Wasatch Front just north of Little Cottonwood Canyon. I liked it because it's so green, and the clouds were making such cool shadows on the mountain side. It reminded me that I want to live somewhere close to nature.

These photos were of something that I thought looked suspicious. First of all, it's an old Impala, the kind that police agencies are trading in for this year's model. The light bar on top looks old and beat up, like it's really dusty, and the plexiglass looks faded and scratched. If it was part of a real police force, they would keep it clean and professional looking. The thing that really makes me suspicious is the un-named aspect of this car. The shield on the door has a weird color to it, like its cheap and has been in the sun too long, plus its a STICKER! Or a magnet. But its just stuck onto the car! The one on the back is really obvious, and all they say is POLICE. Not Salt Lake, not West Valley. Plus its got a U.S. Government License. Local police have state plates with an EX on them, and the FBI or DHS wouldn't drive a surplus patrol car with the words POLICE stickered onto the side. If this Guy tries to pull you over, I would call the real cops, and don't cooperate with the impersonator.

Here is exclusive Blue Devils video that they are trying to keep away from prying eyes. Its an exercise so revolutionary that if anyone else tried it, they would win every time they competed.

And finally, to give the public what it wants, a video of KC and grandma.

---Update--- A police guy said that it is a real police car. There is a statewide police training seminar and that car was probably from a smaller department that doesn't have a budget to buy the newest cars. The police guy said if you aren't sure if the policeman is the real deal, you can ask to see identification, and there is a number you can call if you want verify the authenticity of a highway patrol car that's pulled you over.


Sue said...

Do you really think that was a fake police car? Could you tell what the license plate was so that it can be reported? I have a friend whose husband is in the Sandy Police and maybe he would want to see your photos. But I am sure he would want to see KC walking with me. The way he heads off in a different direction with his foot cracks me up.

Dave Sohm said...

It had a federal government license plate. A federal agency would have its agency name on it, or would be unmarked. All it said was POLICE, with no city name attached.

Sue said...

I want to try going down the steps like KC did in the video. Do you think I could break my leg doing that? Maybe if a giant person was holding my hands, I could do it. LOL