Monday, August 24, 2009

Non Bear Lake Pictures

These are pictures that have been taking up space on my phone.
-The first is a beautiful sunset. I like sunsets, but you know that if you read this blog.

-The next is of a delicious and cheap thing Kris discovered; Strawberry Freezer Jam!! Delicious!!

-I'm always on the lookout for a funny chinese product description. Check out the convulsions on this thing! I think its a nerf clone.

-This one is blurry, but you can tell what's going on. It's a young man, taller than I am, in his late teens, maybe even early twenties. He's with his mom at the grocery store. That in itself is not a big deal. But if you look closely, you will notice in his hands is a blue Light Saber. As he walked through the store, he would extend and collapse it, as if he were showing off a new toy. Cute when you are four, not so much when you much older than seven.


Sue said...

Where do you go to see those funny Chinese translations? Also, maybe that young man is a little retarded? And is operating on a 6 yr. old level? If not, then scary. Do you want to go on a bike ride sometime? Down by the Jordan River? Maybe we could see some bodies floating in the river? That would be memorable. Mike keeps promising me to order a helmet and then forgets. I think this time he will do it. I need to get into better shape, too.

Dave Sohm said...

I see them on the cheap import toys at Dan's.

Sue said...

Check Missy Merkley's blog. She had the baby!