Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Drum Corps

This is the Cavaliers amazing show from 2002. Awesome.

This is the James Bond show from 2004. The Cavaliers are so physical, is it any wonder that when you meet a Cavalier in real life, they are skinny as a rail? Could you imagine rehearsing this show for half a day? Whew.

The University of Utah has been trying out some new moves with their Appalachian Spring, and I say good job. Audience, we should applaud their efforts so we can see more cool stuff.


Sue said...

I clapped for them!

Sue said...

I meant I clapped for the Utes. I just waited the long time to download part of the DCI and the Cav's programs. The 007 program is so awesome. Maybe we can all go to Denver this coming summer.