Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm so giddy, oh so giddy. . . .

I'm feeling pretty good right now. I finally finished the shotgun class project, got some clips off to the Ogre, and now my work is on his website via his youtube account. It's a little grainy, but I was using some presets on Compressor. I can ask how to get better quality results, but this might lead to some "filthy lucre" in my future.

If you want to see this video in HD quality, go to the Crossroads of the West Gunshow, and find the Crusader Weaponry table. Joe and George will be there talking about training and Slipstream!

And my video!

Here are the youtube clips.

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Sue said...

By filty lucre, do you mean you could get paid for doing videos? There's nothing wrong with that. Any jobs on the horizon?