Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kids do need naps sometimes

When I took this picture, KC had been frustrated with life, but was happy when I picked him up. He played for a little while after that but then everything was making him mad, or was a crushing blow to his self esteem and he would start crying. We figured it was time for a nap. The first time we put him in his bed, he was freaking out, it was like he was getting attacked by a predatory animal or something, so we brought him back out. He played for a little while longer, but was just unable to enjoy life so I put him in his bed.

I'm sure everyone in our building and in the parking lot could hear Kay as he went completely ballistic. At first he was sad, probably thinking I was punishing him, but then you could hear the rage growing in his voice just gaining in intensity. I think he actually got the clouds to start snowing. It's a wonder that he still has a voice because I think he was louder than most Utah Jazz fans.

After five minutes of COMPLETE meltdown mode, Mom went in and said the magic words, and left. Kay shrieked for a little when she left, but he was like a balloon that is left to fly around the room. It makes a lot of noise and is crazy for a few seconds, then runs out of air and plops onto the ground.

KC is asleep now.

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