Saturday, March 27, 2010

Antelope Island Buffalo Run

My beautiful wife had signed up to run a race a few months ago, and then promptly developed foot pain and was unable to continue training. It was sad.

The race was today, and we went out to Antelope Island to claim our race packet, and just do something fun outside this week.

We found a hiking trail that just happened to be the route that everyone was running.

By the time we got hiking it was just about nap time, and for whatever reason, he just didn't want to be in his external frame baby backpack.

But after thrashing around for a few minutes, I took that video. Then I showed him the video, and he thought it was funny to see a baby crying like that, and calmed down.

He ended up having fun, though he got a little toasted, because he hates wearing hats.

That place is fun. You basically go back in time to see how Utah looked when the Pioneers rolled in. It's a very pretty, rugged, desolate place, and you can visit for only 9 dollars a day. It's very pleasant in March. Go check it out sometime.

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Sue said...

Poor little Bubs. I hate to see him cry.