Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday was the last day of school, so to celebrate we went to Rubio's for some delicious Baja Mexican food. I like Rubio's for many reason's, but a major one is that they play mexican/beach/surfer music in their restaurant. You may ask, 'Who cares?' but the last time I went to Cafe Rio, a decidedly Mexican restaurant, with thatched roofs inside, etc. . . the speakers were playing frakking doo-wop music from the fifties. I'm not kidding.

We go to Costa Vida more often than Cafe Rio because its closer, and my Blushing Bride likes the food better at Costa Vida. They also played mexican music for a while, but the most recent time we went in they were playing modern teen pop music. Maybe I'm cynical, but I think the teenage manager of that place was just playing their own favorite style of music. If you work at a Mexican restaurant, serving mexican food, and most of the people making that food speak spanish, what makes you think that you can just decide to plug in your iPod to the speaker system?

Also I'm liking Costa Vida less because one time when my Bride was eating there, a higher-up in the company was reprimanding one of the employees, making her cry, telling her to suck it up, in the middle of the dining area of the restaurant. With customers sitting all around. Classy.

I also noticed, when we were walking around the 400 south shopping district, that there was a security guard walking around with a full belt of gear, including handcuffs, a baton and a large pistol. I thought it was a little odd, because the only place I've seen a uniformed security guard that was armed was in D.C. In the most gun friendly state in the nation, this guy was the first armed security guard I've seen. (Armored car guys don't count, they're couriers)

So I wondered if there had been a recent crime spree at the shopping district. Today I checked and there had been a bank robbery, in the middle of the day, a couple blocks down from the 400 south shopping district, in March. So that explains it.

I wonder how long they'll pay that tough looking 50-year-old to walk around with a gun on his hip before they decide they don't need him anymore.

It makes me feel better about having a defensive weapon with me all the time. Hopefully I'll never have to use it. Hopefully that rental cop won't ever have to use it, either. I could probably get the same amount of firearms training as the security guard, as fast as I could pay for it.

In other news, it snowed a lot today. Almost May, and we're still getting blizzards.

Also, KC likes to Hop on Pop.

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