Sunday, May 30, 2010

Petition for a new law to make America safer!


Hey everyone, I'm trying to get some good old fashioned activism going. While gunshot wounds account for 30,000 deaths a year (Many of those are suicides), vehicular accidents claim the lives of over 40,000 Americans a year, and there's no pesky bill of rights getting in the way of strict regulation for these evil machines. Clearly, human error isn't the issue with this many deaths, its the inherently dangerous and evil nature of cars that kills people.

How many of you would be willing to sign a petition that bans or at least severely restrics ownership of this menace to society, the personally owned vehicle? After all, if you needed a ride somewhere, you could simply call a police officer or other qualified and responsible civil servant to drive you where you needed to go. Less cars means a safer America for our children after all. Sure, the ability to transport yourself around at will used to be a boon to a productive and civilized society, but lets face it, this isn't the old west anymore. We have public transit and a whole host of other options.

Even if we can't get an outright ban, (after all it will take time to wean Americans of their cars), we can at least ban the most deadly kinds of vehicles, the deadly type of cars just built for killing people. You can tell just by looking at them. We get rid of spoilers, high capacity gas tanks, hood ornaments, and a10 ll vehicles with aerodynamic shapes that make them vastly more lethal. All cars under 10' long would be taken off the streets, as they would more easily allow a criminal to evade the police and hide their vehicle in an alley or a garage somewhere when its not being actively used to slaughter innocents. Scooters, as long as they are registered as such, would be kept legal, though they would have to be registered to responsible owners, licensed and tracked by the BATVF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Vehicles, and Firearms). Of course, there will still remain those angry sociopaths who cling to trucks and religion, but a few years in the slammer will fix them but good.

Its time to make a stand for the children here people. Who's with me?

If this makes no sense to you, go read some of the stuff that the Brady Campaign puts out there.

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