Sunday, May 9, 2010

Post Graduation

School is OVER!!!!! Now I can focus all my energies on investigating employment opportunities, and of course, actually becoming employed for money.

But yesterday I got to go out and film a Defensive Pistol Class for Crusader Weaponry, I plan on using this footage, to experiment with Motion, Livetype, etc. . . to make some cool promos and commercials for them.

But yesterday, in addition to creating some professional opportunities, I go to to shoot my gun a little. I got a major confidence boost when Larry Correia genuinely and persistently complimented my shooting accuracy.

Here is a video of me doing a fun exercise called the Zombie Drill. It makes feel good about practicing magazine changes so much in my spare time.

Enjoy. Go to my youtube channel or facebook to see more videos of the pistol class.

Also stay tuned for more videos to come.

It's availabe in HD, so if you want to see me reload in incredible detail, you can.

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