Friday, February 17, 2012

BYU's Honor Code and Standards

Recently Brittany Molina created a viral sensation when she posted a note somebody gave to her, and a picture of her dress that the note commented on.

BYU has an Honor Code that all students are expected to abide by, part of which stipulates that skirts and shorts need to reach the knee. Now, Miss Molina's skirt clearly isn't reaching her knee, but she is also wearing leggings, and nobody could argue that this is immodest. But the policy does say that skirts must reach the knee, so in the mind of the note writer, this ^ is unacceptable.

So every woman that attends BYU should be wearing knee length skirts or shorts, right?

Whew, for a University that doesn't allow short skirts, that is sure a lot of leg flesh showing. It sure seems hypocritical for BYU to disallow this kind of dress for everyday students, presumably for morality and modesty purposes, and then make the official sports uniform for many female athletes short, as if fit female athletes aren't sexually attractive.

The fact that they do this, and then with a straight face talk about Standards, is one of the reasons why I went to the U, (and excluded myself from a decent PR program) instead of going to BYU. University of Utah is not exactly a den of iniquity, where the women wear nothing but thongs and body paint. In fact, if you are 5 minutes late to church at the Institute of Religion, you WILL NOT find a parking spot.

But at BYU, you can be assured that the women will all be covered up.

Unless they happen to be in great shape, and have tried out for a sports team. Now, the BYU runner is wearing shorts that are shaped like shorts, which are slightly more modest than the horrible bikini design of that sinful Duck behind her.

BYU does have a women's uniform that adheres to the Honor Code.

The reason why men's and women's basketball uniforms have knee length shorts is because that's the current fashion. Basketball uniforms used to be ridiculously short.

Thank goodness that's not a trend anymore.

Coincidentally, the reason that modern women's uniforms are so short also has to do with current trends, plus comfort and ease of mobility while engaged in the athletic event. That's a valid reason. But BYU shouldn't pretend like it's not also attractive, and therefore running afoul of their Tradition of Honor and Standards.

I got these from the official BYU drill team Website.

"The mission of the Cougarettes is to provide the very best high quality halftimes and dance performances all while maintaining the standards, spiritual focus, and atmosphere of Brigham Young University and the LDS Church."

and on the Welcome page we see this-

With all the immodesty that's officially sanctioned at BYU, there is not a rash of on-campus orgies. People, for the most part, behave themselves and act like adults. On the flipside, even if you require all women to look like this

there will still be people who are going to have sex against the rules.

Right now BYU has official uniforms that violate it's own modesty standards, which many see as hypocritical. They either need to fully commit to it, or they need to let people act like adults and, you know, 'govern themselves.'

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