Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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today's weight at 530 am was 308. and i did get to run last night. thats too (2) nights in a row. kristen has been having warmup contractions, and was excited to maybe have the baby, but then read that these may last for days. Plus she couldn't sleep last night. so she was grumpy this morning at breakfast, and i didn't say much, because when she's grumpy it seems that whatever i say just stokes the flames of her rage.

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Anonymous said...

It's so hard to lose weight. Maybe if you didn't weigh everyday...But maybe it encourages you to keep at it. Can you remember what worked when you were on your mission? I remember that you said that you had learned what food portions were for smaller people. Maybe you should look at that. Or, I had a friend in Calif who ate all of the time, but she ate small, low calorie snacks. But she never let herself get hungry and out of control. You probably need to double your exercise. I am a fine one to talk, though. I hardly ever exercise, but I am turning over a new leaf, starting today, not tomorrow. Good luck with the contractions. Love, Mom