Thursday, August 7, 2008

lawn fermata

This is a fermata created by clogged sprinkler heads by my home. Funny that its by a stop sign. today's weight was 306. I think that it does help me remember to go exercise everyday, when it becomes discouraging, then maybe i'll not worry too much about it. i have a dilemma. I really want to see batman in IMAX again, but kristen doesn't. Plus she could go into labor any time. I really want to see it again in IMAX and who knows how long it will be out. i have a gift card for miller's theater, so it wouldn't cost anything. maybe i'll go tomorrow. She can't understand why iwant to see it again, because we have already seen it. I don't want to hurt her feelings but i really do want to see it again. maybe she could see sisterhood of pants while i'm at batman.

1 comment:

Tytanious said...

I was in the SAME boat! Man we should have gone together...maybe this will be good info for the future.