Saturday, August 9, 2008

olympics begin

i'm sure that one day i will stop writing everyday, but it hasn't arrived yet. Its hard to avoid eating out when it relieves stress for your spouse to go do it. last night we had takeout la frontera mexican food. (Very good food, by the way) I picked fajitas, which were probably low on the fat scale for that restaurant, but i promised kris that i would share with her. Then i forgot when we got home. oops. todays weight was about 307. i did get to run earlier today but i chose a poor time, about 230 pm. And it was before the clouds blew in, so it was hot, humid and sunny and i had just eaten a bunch of canteloupe so i was full of melon. So it wasn't a success as far as endurance goes, but at least i did it. I think once band starts and i run around with a set of tenors everyday then maybe i'll start to shift into skinny mode. I was looking at Matt's online picture album ( and i noticed a picture of me at Dane's send off at the MTC, and i said to kristen "I miss being skinny." to which she said "So do I"

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