Friday, August 8, 2008

imminent baby

today's weight was 305.5, and kristen is still feeling gradually increased tightening and cramping. So one of these days we will be welcoming a new member of team Sohm. I saw batman again yesterday. it was great. Kristen didn't want to see it, so she exchanged a baby swing at walmart and read out of a baby book until i was done. Then we went to the south towne mall and found a really good deal on a new shirt and purple tie for me at mervyn's. Being able to go shop for stuff however small is very relaxing and liberating for kristen and all that walking is good for helping labor progress. She really gets stressed if she feels restricted about whatever she wants to do and so the money we have from grandma really allows us to do things to ease kristen's mind. I also did a blood pressure test at Dan's and it was a little high so no more eating out for a while. i think my drumline menu will be a couple of pbj sammiches and a mango everyday. We'll se how long that works for.

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