Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Utah wins by actually playing!

So we won the game, 48-24, thats right, double byu's score. It was great to see our team when they actually play. They're pretty good when they decide to try. Maybe Ludwig was convinced to actually be smart, or maybe whittingham over-rided him a lot. Whatever they did worked.
Today's trip to the plasma place still took like two hours, but there were a lot of people in the waiting room. It stung a little but i think some iodine got scooped in with the needle. They asked me if i wanted to have the pump set at a faster pace, and I said no thanks, but I should have agreed. Oh well.
At the Byu game, a guy was trying to climb over a five foot tall metal fence to get on the field, but ended up doing a face plant. The bump on his head was the size of a softball, and I'm not kidding. It looked big and I was even looking over a ledge, 60 feet or so above the guy.
Here is a helpful tip. Don't watch the movie 2001 with your spouse when neither of you has had a lot of sleep, and the baby hasn't burped, and therefore wakes up every 22 minutes, taking an hour to go to sleep. It took us 3 hours to get through the first hour and a half of the movie. Plus there is a lot of weird music and sound effects that are just obnoxious if you haven't slept much and aren't really paying attention that closely. I understand that Kubrick was just trying to add a sense of otherworldly spookiness to it, but it was making Kristen vengeful, so I volunteered to go get Kung Fu Panda, which was much more entertaining. While at the video store, I used my concealed carry permit to verify my name, and one of the girls behind the counter asked what kind of id it was. It led to a conversation about why someone would carry a gun, they both seemed a little surprised at the idea of a regular joe with a gun. I kind of stumbled around my words a little bit, but i did get one good point across. They both said that they had MACE, and I agreed that MACE is good, but with a gun, you don't have to let the bad guy get close enough for MACE range. They both agreed that was one good thing about a gun. Gotta go get angry at a bike now, bye.

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