Sunday, November 30, 2008

what a great gift idea for all your Friends!

Check out larry's book. Its really a fun read if you're into sci fi and fantasy books, or even if you are not. Larry loves monster movies, and it shows in the way he has fun in this book. And the best part is, the more copies he sells, the more likely it is that The publisher will run his next installment. so please check it out, $7.99 is a great price for a book check out this website.

Or read a sample chapter at Larry's blog:

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Matt and Ashley said...

Hey Dave. That pic I posted under test was a mistake. I needed to post that picture to a site for a dental class, but for some reason I could only get them to post to the dental site if I posted them to my blog first and then copied them from the blog. It was odd.

As for books, if you liked this monster hunter book check out "The Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan. I am on the 3rd book now and they are good. Along the lines of Lord of the Rings kind of. There are 11 books total with a 12 and final book to come in the next year or so.