Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Emergency Preparedness

We are prepared. bullets are so expensive these days! A box of 50 9mm american eagle was 15 Bucks! PMC .38s were $18 for 50! Well thanks to the government rewarding us for having a baby, I was able to go stock up for a while. It cost a few hundred bucks but we now have 200 rounds for kristen and 500 rounds for my gun. When I was at the gun store, there was a woman and her friends there looking for a gun to buy. At one point, the salesman was showing her a beretta 92 that had a laser grip on it. He was talking about how the action was so smooth and the bigger grip would make it comfortable to shoot, and Look! it has a laser! But as I watched, it was apparent that it was too big for her. So in this case the larger grip would actually make it difficult to shoot because the recoil would make her wrist twist, instead of going straight back into the web of her hand and through her bones. That's the way a gun should fit in your hand and it allows your whole body weight to absorb the recoil, instead of just your wrist. Then, later he was showing her a walther .22 and saying "This .22 is powerful enough" (I'm assuming to stop an attacker) While I agree that the best way for a new shooter to learn is with a .22, because they are cheap and easy, the only attacker you would stop with one is the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python.
It just seemed a little condescending that, since she couldn't rack the slide on the 92, and the guy wasn't giving her the right technique to do it, then she must be weak so he will now try to convince her that a .22 is powerful enough for her. Or in other words, she can't handle anything more than a .22. Boo on ignorant gunshop clerks.


Anonymous said...

I love the picture, where the ammunition is sitting on a lacy thing. LOL! It's good to be ready for an emergency. Hopefully, you won't ever need to use it. Love, Mom

Matt and Ashley said...

Sounds like you need to find a job at the gun shop. You seem pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

- Matt