Monday, March 23, 2009

A new gun!

Kristen got a Smith and Wesson LadySmith revolver, and we went shooting last saturday, and she had FuN! Hooray! We were originally looking for a three inch barreled revolver, but it was out of stock, everywhere in the valley. The Ladysmith was not, and Kris liked the grip so she bought it. I think its a nice looking gun, and having shot it, its pretty manageable. Her hand was a little sore after a hundred shots, but that should be fixable with a shooting glove. The only time I could see that being an issue would be at a 300 round basic pistol class but if we find a good glove for her i think it will be fine. I shot a little low and left, so I need to practice a smoother trigger pull. I had to silence myself a few times because I kept wanting to give her "tips" but i realized that I should just work on my own stuff and let her enjoy shooting hers.

By the way, Kris's gun is not a snubnose, the smaller one is a snubnose. The smaller one was designed to be small, Kris's is designed to be comfortable for people with smaller hands to shoot. And Kris thinks (and i agree) that pink grips are not our style.

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