Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The ATF has raided another firearm maker, gave no comment on their actions or what they were investigating. Instead of locking the facility to secure the guns inside, they backed up semi trucks to the loading dock and took everything inside.
The ATF did the same thing to Cavalry Arms about two years ago, no charges were filed against Cavalry, and none of the property (guns and gun parts) have ever been returned to that company.

Please spread this around. If a government agency takes your stuff, and doesn't file criminal charges, then its called stealing.

-Update- 2/18/10
So it looks like some employees of Sabre Defence were selling some non-sellable items, and that's why the ATF is investigating. Some speculation i've read is that might refer to fully automatic lower receivers for M-16 type weapons. So at least there is a legitimate reason for the raid.

The ATF still hasn't filed charges against Cavalry Arms, though. Or returned anything that was confiscated.

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