Sunday, August 8, 2010

Elana Kagan got confirmed

I have a thoughts on this.

Remember when Bush nominated Harriet Miers? And how she was viciously attacked and shouted out of the nomination process because she had no experience as a judge?

So Kagan being an agent of the Clinton administration makes her qualified but Miers being an agent for the Bush administration makes here un-qualified?

This Sounds Familiar.

Kind of like the several thousand page Patriot Act that got passed without anyone reading it was a bad thing, but the several thousand page Healthcare bill that no one read is a good thing?

So basically if the Democrats are in power it's ok for them to do everything that the republicans did that was Bad?

There is so much Bull---- floating around, I can't believe more people don't see it. Maybe they don't want to, they feel that its their right to do this stuff, because the guys before them did it.

That's no way to run a country.

I don't really trust Obama's nominations because Sotomayor lied about her view of the 2nd amendment. In her confirmation hearing, she said that the Heller decision was settled law. And then she signed a dissent that stated that the Heller decision was wrong and should be overturned or reviewed. Therefore her opinion is that Heller isn't settled law, even though she previously said it was.


Kris and KC said...

Bubs, you should know better than to cut and paste from someone else's political rant. Your comparison is incomplete. Their backgrounds are different. Their associations with the president that nominated them are different. They both had the potential to change their views. They're both lawyers after all. Even Harriet Miers was strongly opposed by many in the republican party. You didn't do your research. I don't think you even considered other angles before jumping on your soap box. You just cut and pasted someone else's view of Kagan from one of the pro-gun social networking sites you so frequently visit as she does not relate to the Second Ammendment. I can't seem to figure you from any other angle. This is not who I married, which I guess is a typical thing to say.

Kris and KC said...

I know, I'm not what you married, either.